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The Seawalls No. 2 at High Noon

This "post-painterly abstract expressionist" piece, one of a a series in paintography, began with a photo I took of a seawall at ocean’s shore. Inspired by the works of Paul Klee, particularly his geometric statements, it occurred to me that I could use a breakwater, the ocean, and a distant horizon as subjects in this contemporary photopainting to explore the idea of "WALLS"

. The concept, one that continues to intrigue me, is symbolic of concurrent strength and vulnerability.
As Rumi wrote, "The wound is the place where the light enters you.”

TIME AND SITUATION: We had just marveled at how the students of Stoneman Douglas High had confronted the assault on their classmates with strength despite their obvious vulnerability. As a former teacher and guidance counselor from Broward County, I was deeply moved. A photo I took of a Florida seawall came to mind. A stalwart sea wall, in conjunction with the flowing ocean, could symbolize the experience.

Often, I like to take from the world around me - clearly and simply- but always I turn to visual narrative. I am drawn to artistic advocacy so that thread of storytelling runs through my work.

So that is how SEA WALLS emerged as a series of digital paintings- examples of multi-medium art and Contemporary Fauvism. Because it is symbolic of change with compassion, it has been called spirit abstract art. Here are the Klee-inspired geometric shapes, together with fauve flatness, added patterns and texture in a digital manipulation.

As a storyteller, and advocacy artist, contextual value and emotional impact are important to me. In SEA WALLS, an abstract expression, I used geometric abstraction combined with semi-monochromatic, yet brilliant color, to emphasize deep emotion. Zsanan Studio Notes #zsananartforsale #zsanancontemporaryartist. Featured Piece. Available for sale