Advocacy Art- Parkland

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Advocacy Art- Parkland

The other day a friend asked me how I go about creating abstract-expressionist pieces and/or paintography. Most often I begin with a photo, then translate the photo into digital format looking for the story or metaphor. Often, as many artists who are involved in "advocacy art" I begin with a compelling contemporary issue.

That was the case when I created the piece you see here. This piece was created in response to the PARKLAND SCHOOL tragedy. that might have been avoided if, as the students request...we initiate gun control measures. The visual description focuses on the emotions students felt as the violent act unfolded. Emotions ranged from confusion and disbelief to horror.

For viewers who asked how the "process" of creating this piece worked, I started with an image and then assemble the “terrain” adding texture, patterns, repetition and "fauve -wave" bits ...and then strip it down to an elemental visual image.

NOTE: This graphic does NOT appear on my website. As a former teacher and guidance counselor in a feeder school to Parkland, I have reserved this piece for those who advocate for students, for students' rights, for teachers, and for sensible gun control. Please contact me if you would like a copy of this piece.

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