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COLOR in THEORY and in Real Time, Zsanan 2018

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COLOR in THEORY and in Real Time, Zsanan 2018

COLOR in theory...and in real life. I hope you enjoy visiting my blog and website where I try to pay attention to COLOR...both in theory and as an expression of life as we know it. Lately, I've been taking notes on the unfolding of an idea I've been working on for many years. That idea: COLOR is central to the expression of emotion. I design images from abstract to impressionistic and then extrapolate on that image using mixed media techniques and a wide range of color palettes.It's a way of gaining perspective you may find intriguing. Each week I work on a series to express a sentiment...whether that be gratitude or personal challenges.

Zsanan Studio Notes, COLOR

P.S. Pick up a notebook for yourself or someone who'd appreciate the unique design(s)