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Mindfulness Images

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Mindfulness Images

Visual Focal Points for Mindfulness

Visual Focal Points for Mindfulness : According to the Mayo Clinic, mindfulness can helps us to live “in the moment.” Mindfulness exercises using a visual image as a focal point can support mindfulness practice. Moving into that mental and physical space of being intensely aware of what we are sensing and feeling in the moment-- without interpretation or judgment--- but simply engaging with the world around us can have many benefits for mind and body.

In fact, research as sited by The Mayo Clinic demonstrates that s benefits can include: Stress and anxiety reduction, pain relief and management, as well as a lessening of depression and insomnia. In addition, mindfulness can improve attention and the balance of thoughts and emotions.

Visual Focal Points for Mindfulnedss: With the benefits of mindfulness exercise and/or practice in mind, I created the images in this collection. Select one (or more) that attracts you. Place it in your quiet place to assist you as a visual focal point during the time you set aside to be without distractions or interruptions.