What Does Art in Context Mean

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What Does Art in Context Mean


Some people call it "Paintography." Others call it "Photo-art." But as a visual artist who loves to tell stories, I call it "Art in Context." Take a look at the "Images" and"Collections" here. Tell me if you agree.

WHAT DOES ART IN CONTEXT REALLY MEAN? I have to say that it's all about the story and the use of color, and patterns, and textures, and digital manipulation to tell that story. As a child, I loved "show-and-tell." Did you? Later, as a schoolteacher, students sharing their stories had the same effect on me.It was engaging.It was about a conversation.

ART IN CONTEXT INVOLVES YOU. It takes an idea and mixes it with synchronicity so that what starts out as a photo, for example, something that seems apparent, can become something unexpected. Taking it one step further, a story unfolds for Y O U, the viewer, to interpret.

AT ZSANAN STUDIO, my desire is that you will enjoy adding your interpretation while exploring themes and spaces at the edges of color. With influences as diverse as the Fauvists, Henri Matisse and Toulouse Lautrec- and a few comic book artists such as Steve Ditko- interesting perspectives may arrive ...for you to engage. ((*:*))