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What or Who Inspires You?

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What or Who Inspires You?

The other day, a neighbor asked me to explain how I do paintography.* Well, I responded, it’s mostly getting “inspired”...I listen to music, think about the lyrics, as you will see in this example of digital paintography. So the best way to answer that question is with a question. “What or who inspires YOU?”

When I talk with people about art, I want to know if you love Gustav Klimpt or Thomas Kincaid, abstract or romantic or impressionist art- woodcuts or canvas – message or spiritual art. I want to know what excites you. That is how I understand what is important to you. Again, is it form? Is it color? Is it conveying an emotion? Or a message?

Let me know.
Here’s a link to a survey. I’d love to here what you have to say.