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Artful Choices

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Artful Choices

Artful and Beyond the Narrow

I hopped over to The Sage Companion Project- - the other day to see what's new and artful. Beyond the narrow, this site is a gateway to creative people and a certain demographic you might recognize as most interesting if you follow trends about or work in the "boomers" and "seniors" market with people seeking an active lifestyle and creative choices within their environment.

Artful Choices

If you are one person who is ready to fly beyond the narrow, you might choose any number of lively pieces from my "FAUVE WAVE" collection here. (Example is the graphic) Such pieces are apt to bring color and light to interior environments...and an attitude , too, they tell me . (I'm smiling.)

Consider your choices for creative use of design and interior decor. Even a spot of color as a throw pillow or duvet cover can mix things up a bit..again, I'm smiling. A shower curtain might be the ticket to start your day off with a happy roar. For "boomers" and Post50 People, such choices may be akin to and even lead to aging in P A L A C E ! ( I wrote an eBooklet on this..happy to send you a link.)